From Thursday, 3 Jun 2021

Vanilla Cupcakes with Homemade Raspberry Jam

Hosted by Rob Baker

30 mins
Suitable for beginners
  • Ingredients

    For the cupcakes

    • 175g butter
    • 175g caster sugar
    • 3 eggs, beaten
    • 175g self raising flour, sieved
    • 1tsp vanilla bean paste

    For the filling

    • 500g raspberries
    • 500g granulated sugar

    For the topping

    • 150g butter
    • 300g icing sugar
    • 1tbsp vanilla bean paste
  • 1. Preheat your oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and line a 12-hole muffin tin with large cupcake cases.

    2. Add all of the cupcake ingredients to the bowl of your stand mixer and mix on a low speed for around 30seconds.

    3. Scrape around the edges of the bowl and then mix again on a medium speed for around 60-90 seconds, untilthe mixture is light and smooth.

    4. Divide the mixture evenly between the cupcake cases and bake in the centre of your oven for around 24-27 minutes (until golden brown and the mixture stops ‘singing’).

    5. While the cupcakes are in the oven, place the raspberries and sugar into a saucepan and cook over a low heat until the fruit collapses and the sugar fully dissolves.

    6. Once the sugar has fully dissolved and the mixture does not feel gritty, turn up the heat and bring the mixture to the boil. Cook the jam at a full rolling boil for around five minutes.

    7. Turn off the heat and use a slotted spoon to skim off any scum that has collected on the top of the mixture.

    8. Transfer the jam to a low flat container with a large surface area (such as a baking tray or casserole dish) and leave to cool completely.

    9. Remove your cupcakes from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for five minutes, before transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely.

    7. To make the buttercream, begin by creaming your butter until very pale and smooth. This may take a while, but the longer you leave it, the better.

    8. Add in the icing sugar, a little at a time, ensuring each addition is fully incorporated before adding the next.

    9. Add the vanilla bean paste and mix through thoroughly.

    10. When your cakes are fully cooled, use a cupcake corer or a sharp knife to remove the centres.

    11. Use a spoon or a piping bag to fill the hollowed-out centres with your homemade raspberry jam and then place the removed centre back on top.

    12. Next, use a piping bag with a closed star tip to pipe a rosette of buttercream onto each cupcake, before drizzling the top with some more homemade raspberry jam.

    13. Once the buttercream has set, store your cupcakes in an airtight container for up to three days at room temperature.

    During last week’s episode, Mr Baker explained that many of our favourite fruits are now coming into season, meaning that now is the perfect time to start cooking and baking with them! These stunning cupcakes include a quick and simple homemade jam recipe to add a real flavour punch to the otherwise humble vanilla cupcake. If you have a go at Mr Baker’s Vanilla Cupcakes with Homemade Raspberry Jam, make sure you share them with us – you might just end up scooping our Star Baker of the Month award for June!

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