Summer and Fresh Cake

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6 eggs

Whipping cream/ double light

Fruit and sponge fingers
Ribbon (optional)


1. Firstly separate your egg white and yolks.
2. Put your egg whites in a bowl and whisk until it is very pale light and white then add in sugar gradually until it looks like a meringue.
3. Once you have done this, get your egg yolks and flour and slowly mix before adding your milk and oil gradually, make sure you don't rush. You should end up with a smooth runny like consistency for this mixture.
4. Once this is made, get your egg white batter and fold in the other mix very slowly careful, not to take too much air out of the batter.
5. Once this is done, place your batter evenly in 4 tins which are slightly greased.
6. Place into the oven for about half an hour at 180 degrees Celsius on a preheated oven.
7. Leave to cool at room temperature.
8. To decorate whip your cream and put in your granulated sugar slowly.
9. Decorate the same as a layer cake by using a spatula and do your crumb coat.
10. Now take your sponge fingers and put them around your cake and then evenly tie in place with a ribbon of your choice and spread fresh fruit on it evenly.

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