French Macarons 2

Created by @Jasmine
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For the shells
300g ground almonds
300g icing sugar
220g egg whites
280g caster sugar
55ml water
For the buttercream
100g egg white
180g caster sugar
60ml water
200g softened butter


1. First mix the ground almonds, icing sugar and half the egg whites together to form a smooth paste. Then set to the side.

2. Next place the other half of the egg whites into a stand mixer and mix on a low speed.

3. Place the caster sugar and water into a pan a gently dissolve the sugar. Once dissolved, increase the heat and use a sugar thermometer to monitor the temperature of the sugar syrup. When it has reached 105 degrees Celsius, increase the mixer speed and add the remaining 20g of sugar to the egg whites.

4. Once sugar syrup has reached 118 degrees Celsius, reduce the mixer speed to medium and slowly pour the sugar mixture into the egg whites. Increase the mixer speed and mix for 1 minute.

5. Fold one third of the meringue into the almond mix carefully. Repeat with the rest of the meringue then pour into a piping bag.

6. Then pipe 45mm rounds onto lined baking trays and bake leave to sit for 30 mins or until a dry skin is formed on top.

7. Preheat oven to 130C then bake until macarons are easily peeled off the paper and leave to cool.

8. To make the icing, mix the egg whites on a medium speed and place the caster sugar and water in a pan and heat gently to melt the sugar.

9. Once melted, increase the heat and use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. When it has reached 118C pour onto the egg whites and continue to mix on a high speed till the meringue is cooled.

10. Add the butter a little at a time and whisk until smooth and fluffy. Then sandwich the 2 shell together with the buttercream.

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